Why A Sat Nav Will Always Beat The Conventional Map For Accuracy

If you’re sick and tired of constantly asking for directions or stuck with an extraordinary large road map of the UK under you seat then don’t you think it’s time to invest in a Sat Nav?

A basic Sat Nav system can be far more beneficial and safer to use than a conventional map for the average driver. A sat nav device is able to direct you from A to B with ease, as well as finding everything you want along the way to your destination including petrol stations, place to eat and even famous places to view.

From my experience it’s safe to say not everyone is an experienced map reader, and mistakes can easily be made while trying to find you’re away across the confusing UK network of motorways and A roads. Humans also have a particularly difficult time seeing in the dark and road signs can often be hard to see, especially in poor conditions which for me have lead to countless arguments.

Even the cheapest device is liable to be more-up-to-date than a road map, which can be especially useful when driving through urban areas where redevelopment has taken place in recent weeks or even days. Not only are roads constantly changing, the rules of traffic can also differ from when you last bought your road map, this can include pedestrianised areas or one-way roads which often renders a printed map completely useless.

What I like about the most recent range of Sat Nav devices is the instant availability of information on accidents or heavy congestion areas to avoid, which is often difficult to find even by listening to the traffic alert station over the radio. If you drive a lot in rush hour then a Sat Nav can help you find an even quicker route when there’s a traffic jam with the ability to warn you of potential problems ahead before you even get near them.

Finally surely for your safety a Sat Nav device is the clear winner, especially if you’re driving on your own. I’m sure you will agree that messing around with a giant road map while trying to hold onto the wheel, let alone see in front of you is hardly considered safe. Sat Nav’s give you an exact prompt to safely navigate the driver and prevent you from making any rash turns, which let’s face it I’m sure you’ve done at some point.

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