What Can Supply Chain Software Do for your Business?

When businesses start out small they tend to be quite nervous.

Unless they already have a big plan in place, chances are they will take a few nervous steps out into the world and start making a few sales here and there, slowly welcoming a few new customers each week or maybe even each day. What this leads to however, is when interest in the business’ products or services start to increase dramatically, it can all get a big overwhelming, which can often cause businesses to trip over themselves, build a bad reputation, lose customers and eventually fold, just when they were on the cusp of greatness.

Supply Chain Software to the Rescue

What supply change management software does is provide businesses with the means to handle all their:

  • Inventory management requirements
  • Warehouse management
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer requirement processing
  • Order tracking
  • Supplier sourcing and management needs

All in one tidy bundle.

Improving Your Performance

The main goal of supply chain software is to help your business work well. This is done by computerising your processes, collating all the data that can be collated about your performance and feed it back to you in digestible chunks. When utilised correctly it should hopefully:

  • Improve visibility – making planning and scheduling easier
  • Reduce admin costs – as a lot of this is done online or electronically
  • Reduced logistics costs – as better planning improves efficiency
  • Improve customer experience – thanks to better order tracking and more efficient service overall
  • Reduce errors – as much is automated

All these benefits would certainly make a difference to any business no matter what scale it was, especially if implemented from the start (though cost would probably stand in the way of this at the start).

Fortune Teller

Probably the most crucial thing supply chain software does is to forecast the future. The software can work out by taking in all your data, just what the balance is between supply and demand, then helps you to decide what business processes you need to improve to stay profitable and grow into the future.

Before this software existed the only way to improve efficiencies was the old fashioned way: with pen and paper and flow charts etc. Now supply chain software can help your business to appear as if it has a whole research and efficiency department in the basement constantly working on ways to improve everything about the business.

Could your business benefit from some supply chain software? I think so…

Paul Dangles is a logistics control tower operator. He regularly changes the fortunes of struggling businesses by implementing new supply chain software.

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