Top 10 Apps for iPhone 4S

Digging the iPhone 4S? Enhance the whole experience with apps that help maximize those cool new features.

Galaxy Fire 2 HD
Put the iPhone 4S’ dual-core power to the test with this exciting game that you’ll love playing. In fact, this space adventure game was designed specifically for the iPhone 4S and the iPad, because an A5 chip is needed to handle the app’s demands.

Apps-For-iPhone-4sReal Racing 2
If you want an app that showcases the iPhone 4S’ dual-core deal, Real Racing 2 puts it to the test. The graphics are absolutely killer by the way, something you’d like to take advantage of on the iPhone 4S’ retina display.

Camera +
While the latest iPhone comes with its own built-in camera function, you can take things a notch higher with the Camera + app. It allows you a myriad of options for better photo enhancement. The app is somewhat similar to Instagram in terms of creative control; it offers sixteen scene effects right after you’ve snapped a photo, as well as the ability to crop, rotate and add captions. With an eight-megapixel rear camera and a considerably larger sensor, you’ll definitely want this app on your iPhone 4S.

Photosynth helps you take advantage of the iPhone 4S’ wider lens by allowing you to take 360-degree pictures. You can make good use of this feature if you are in a place you’d like to take panoramic views of. It also enables you to take 3D pictures, which is pretty cool. The app allows automatic sharing on Facebook and Bing Maps.

Movie buffs cannot, in any way, pass up on this application. iMovie may cost $4.99 to install, but it’s well worth the price. The iPhone 4S is capable of shooting 1080p video, and this app allows you to edit video clips right from your phone, whether you want to trim footage, add in effects, or throw in a couple of captions.

If you take a lot of videos, this app will give you a run for your money. It gives you more than twenty ideas for creative mini video projects. Great for an afternoon out with friends.

Remember the Milk
This app gets your activities organized by giving you little reminders the fun way. Siri integration is a key feature of Remember the Milk, and Apple’s improved voice integration of the new iPhone 4S. You’ll need to activate Siri on your phone first, and then go on using Remember the Milk to loop in all the necessary reminders to keep you up to date.

Mailshot allows you to create mail delivery groups that you can access via other applications on your iPhone 4S. This is extremely convenient if you do a lot of emailing on the go. Plus, it’s a great adjunct to Siri, who can send emails to groups but can’t create them herself.

Find My Friends
Using GPS and GLONASS to pinpoint all the awesome places you’re going to, Find My Friends keep your friends updated on each other’s locations. It requires iOS 5 and an Apple login, which shouldn’t be a problem for iPhone 4S users. You can also opt out of sharing with customizable privacy settings.

Google Earth
Think Google Earth is only reserved for widescreen computers, but the iPhone 4S’ speed capacity and GLONASS prowess can definitely handle Google Earth. Never stop for directions again with this handy application.

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