Tips To Buy Right DSLR

DSLR’s are a way to go for both professional and amateur photographers. They give fast performance, ability to switch lens and most importantly better quality images. With innovations, DSLR is growing in popularity.

Here we tell you some of the tips on how to buy a DSLR.

Many DSLR’s feature preset shooting modes, user friendly interface and more compact design. Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera are becoming popular as they are lightweight, comes with elegant design and cutting edge functionality.

When you see a buyer looking for DSLR’s with a price tag falling under 63000 they sound to be a wise investment. How to select the appropriate one? With so many DSLR’s in the market these tips might help.

1) What you want to use it for?

Before buying a DSLR make sure for its purpose whether you need it for fun or for professional purpose, if you want to make a career in photography. Analyzing your needs for ensuring any camera you choose fits best according to your requirements.

2) Know your budget.

It’s not just about the camera, lens and tripod. Budgeting is needed before buying DSLR as it takes more than just the camera body. There are some deals, ‘Kits’ there where you can buy the body along with lens, tripod and memory card all in a kit.

3) Check release date

There is no need at all to spend your money for a product that is upgraded for the next week. Many cameras come with firmware upgrades that help your digital single lens reflex camera to survive for long.

4) Be aware with camera’s MP

These days camera’s are coming with many mega pixels. Like 4 years ago, 8MP used to be high, that was started by Canon 1D. Cameras above 10MP are any day better. Requirements depend on individual needs.

5) Choose Lens

It is not necessary that you choose lens from the same manufacturer of which you have the camera body with so many adaptors in the market. You can use a Nikon lens with a camera body.

6) Find out if its upgradable or not

Spend as much you can afford to buy in a model that fulfills your demand both as a buyer and a professional. It is better to spend on a model with higher price that will keep up with upgrades and allow you to learn more, rather than buying a low cost model.

Features you should consider

1) Image stabilization

In low light, when you do not want to use flash, in such cases, the shutter has to stay open for long to create a good exposure. To help this, many manufacturers comes with cameras and lenses that offer image stabilization technology.

2) Viewfinder

Cameras have three types of viewfinders like, optical viewfinder, electronic viewfinder and LCD screen with live view. First two are eye level viewfinder and third one enables you to preview scene on camera’s screen.

3) Menu and Size

While buying a DSLR you should always consider one in which you can easily reach settings like resolution, flash and exposure adjustments and how to return back to the latest clicked images.

A camera should always adjust in user’s hand so size and weight are things to be considered. Continuous shooting mode helps you in clicking multiple photos in rapid succession. For that, you need to have a high speed memory card.

Final Words

It is next to impossible to suggest the best camera as a lot depends on budget, size and other personal requirements. While, prices also vary as it pays to check number of sellers before making any decision to buy.