Things you should know before buying an Apple iPod Touch

IPod has always been known to be the world’s best in mobile music players and nothing’s changed about that. In fact being 4th generation, the new Apple IPod Touch has only gotten better in quality sound and reliable music storage. With 32 GB storage, there’s room for 8,000 songs or 40 hours of video watching.

Here are some of the great features included with the new Apple iPod Touch:

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 40 hours of music playback on a single battery charge
  • 32 GB capacity for 8,000 songs or 40 hours of videos
  • Wide screen (3.2 inches) Multi Touch display
  • Music & iTunes
  • Facetime Video Calls


New Features Available in the Pod Touch 32 GB 4th generation

This latest in the iPod lineup provides an incredible amount of features all packed into one slim, 3.6 ounce case. The new Pod Touch comes with a wide screen multi-touch display that makes access to all of the icons possible with just a light tap on the icon. The interface is extremely user friendly and makes it possible to navigate easily between icons and features. It also allows instant access to apps and games at the app store where 500,000 games and apps are available, many of them for free.

Audio and Video Features:

The audio feature is enhanced so it’s now possible to surf the internet or play a game while listening to music. The Pod Touch is unique for its video playback feature-one of the few remaining iPod models to have this still. The screen colors and details are incredibly sharp and vivid due to the Pod Touch special retina display with its impressively high pixels per square inch.

Battery Life


It’s possible to get 40 hours of music listening on the Apple IPod Touch but that can be increased to 47 hours when the lock feature is on and the screen is allowed to go black. For video playback, the battery gives a little over an hour on maximum screen brightness but with lower brightness levels, the duration would be longer.

Equipped with the latest iOS operating system, the Apple IPod Touch provides easy iCloud access and automatically moves photos, music and files to other electronic devices. The iOS also makes it possible for the Pod Touch to connect wirelessly and easily to a HDTV and speakers via its Airplay feature.

With the iMessaging feature, it’s possible to check email and send messages to another IPod, iPhone, or iPad. The Pod Touch 32 GB 4th generation has two built-in camera lenses, one at the top of the display panel and one in the back. This makes it possible to do high quality HD videoing as well as capture the audio. The second camera does still photos with a 960 x 720 pixels range.

The iPod Touch doesn’t use phone numbers to make calls as it’s not a phone. Instead it uses email addresses to connect users via its video chat “Facetime” feature. The Facetime feature gives users extremely clear photos and reliable audio during chat calls.

The new Apple IPod Touch builds on IPod’s solid reputation as the best in mobile media players while at the same time providing the latest and finest in audio and video features and technology updates.

Available for purchase in U.S. stores, on line at and from the Apple online store.

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