Buying A Digital Camera For Your Child

There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal digital camera for your child. It is possible to create an entire book about this, therefore this article will cover some of the basic but very important aspects. The most obvious of these is to not lose sight of the budget you’ve allocated for this purchase. This may sound easy, however, many times when children are involved, very few things are that easy. Depending on the child’s age, interest in cameras, and working knowledge on the topic, your job may become easier or harder. There is a vast array of digital cameras available and making the right choice can be puzzling. On your quest to locate the ideal digital camera for the little one, follow the guidelines below for assistance.

Is a camera a toy?

One option that is suitable if your child is really young, is a digital camera produced by a toy company. When thinking along these lines, a name like Fisher Price comes to mind. If a digital camera is going to last more than a few minutes around a young child, it had better be durable and who better than a toy manufacturer. Why not buy a camera made by a company that’s already known for making really durable products for young children. It is easy to mistake these gadgets with their bright colours, oversized buttons, and simple functionality for toys, however they are actual cameras. Just because a Disney camera has Mickey Mouse ears around it doesn’t make it any less of a camera. They are built to take the abuse young kids dish out to their toys on a daily basis. It may be a wise choice to purchase a camera like this for your kid if they are still young. These companies have a proven track record in producing products that kids love.


Another important aspect to consider is the batteries used by the digital camera and their lifespan. Knowing what you can expect from a set of batteries can save you a considerable amount of time and money in the long run. Disposable batteries are commonplace with these types of cameras which can get costly rather quickly when it’s time to replace them. Cameras made for adults come pretty standard with rechargeable batteries made from lithium and include a charger. It isn’t a bad idea to seek out a camera that has good battery life for the simple fact that children may not be in a position to recharge their batteries when they need to be charged.

It is important not to make incorrect assumptions when it comes down to choosing the correct camera for your child. What if you buy a children’s camera only to find that your child is ready to move onto a Single Lens Reflex camera within three months? The likelihood of your child outgrowing his/her camera is very likely. It’s always better to buy right the first time so that you get the most out of your purchase for a long time.

Is it possible that a young child will take more pictures than an adult? Well, that depends on how interested the child is in photography. Your child’s camera may need more memory than you think. The storage capacity and overall camera memory is extremely important regardless who you’re shopping for, child or adult. A memory stick to go along with the camera will probably go a long way.
The similarities aren’t so different in purchasing a digital camera for an older person versus one for a young kid. Don’t underestimate your child’s experience level as well as age but also the features of the camera itself. It’s well known that children enjoy taking pictures in dark and dimly lit areas therefore a flash will be very important. Fortunately flash comes standard on many cameras so as the camera’s user isn’t boxed in as to where they can snap their pics. The same does not hold true for all kids cameras; therefore a cheap adult digital camera may be a viable option.

Here’s to a long life of taking pictures

The bottom line is that if you can get a camera that is user friendly and has a good bit of functionality your child will be satisfied. Do not be alarmed when your four year old asks you to buy them a camera. Young kids are exposed to advanced technology at a very young age day in and day out in some form or another. Finding the ideal digital camera for your child can promote a lifetime zeal for photography. Follow these pointers laid out in this article and your kid will thank you for years to come.

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