Apple 8 GB iPod Touch (4th Generation Latest Model) Reviews

The 4th generation apple 8 GB ipod touch finally gets a camera for HD video recording, and still-photo capture. In addition to a second, front-facing camera brings Face Time video talk with the touch. Over the new high-res Retina

Apple 8 GB iPod Touch
Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

display, everything looks sharp and brilliant, and also the screen remains highly attentive to touch. Getting started at $229 (8GB), on the other hand, it’s not cheap, and that isn’t much storage to have an HD video device.


Again Apple make the iPod to be on diet that weighs a half-ounce less, and is slightly less wide at 4.4 by 2.3 by 0.3 inches (HWD). The touch is powered by Apple’s custom A4 chip and its multi-touch screen upgraded to the Retina display of iPhone 4. Among other features,

  • Two Volume buttons, and a headphone jack, a speaker, and a 30-pin connector for USB computer syncing are on the bottom of the player are housed in the touch’s left-hand panel.
  • The Power button and the Home button sit respectively up top and below the display on the front panel.
  • It comes with two camera lances, one on the top of the display and the other on the back, in the top left corner.
  • The back panel is as plain as mirror that you can see your teeth though it picks up fingerprints very easily.

You will find a Quick Start Guide, a proprietary USB cable for connecting the touch to your computer, and a pair of Apple signature earbuds within the box.

User Interface

The looking of iOS 4 is so amazing that it cay make you joyous only with its looking and most importantly things move in them smoothly and quickly. Not only the icons to navigate the player but an on-screen keyboard swiftly appears

Apple 8 GB iPod Touch
Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

when needs to enter text- or password. The keyboard is wider and after practicing for sometime, it becomes as easy as eating a piece of cake.  It automatically switches orientation as it is on the iPhone depending upon how you hold the player. In the left under the active apps menu there’s an accelerometer lock—scroll and by pressing it you can enable the feature.


Two cameras in the iPod take it to a new level. Camera in the back features video in HD (720p), up to 30fps with audio and captures still images at 960 by 720 pixels. The front camera, offers lower resolutions and VGA-quality for photos and videos, intends for Face Time video chat.

With an onscreen slide control panel you can toggles between still and video camera modes. You can go to the photo and video gallery with the icon in the lower left. With a scroll tool, video footage plays back onscreen. The tool makes skipping to a certain spot easy as it shows a thumbnail timeline of your footage. With it you can perform basic video editing as the iMovie app was not available for iPod touch.

Face Time

Apple 8 GB iPod Touch
Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

Instead of phone numbers it uses e-mail addresses for Face Time video chats. You can use your home Wi-Fi network for chatting. Without a call drop you can chat with crisp and clear images and understand everything that your partners will say.

Audio and Video

Apple 8 GB ipod touch comes with completely intuitive navigation for the music menus. Many ways, for example using Cover Flow, searching Artist or Song, or perusing playlists, can be followed to navigate music. On the right side of the screen there is a scrollable alphabet, by dragging a finger or skip ahead to a letter you can scroll song or artist lists. You can simultaneously play music and surf the Web or view photos or even play games.

Gaming and Apps

Apple wants to make iPod experience a social one so that they add Face Time as well as the music-focused, social-networking feature for iTunes 10Ping. It adds Game Center where you can find a friend or a stranger with an iPod touch or an iPhone to play real-time games. By succeeding in the games you can earn a rank that you can use for bragging rights or to seek out opponents with similar skill levels.

Battery Life

Apple 8 GB iPod Touch
Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

Battery life apple 8 GB ipod touch is impressive, 40 hours for audio and seven hours for video. On the iPod touch the following three rundown tests are run and the results are tremendous,

  • With Wi-Fi on, and the screen constantly on (meaning Auto-Lock is disabled) and audio playing- it runs four hours and 25 minutes
  • With Wi-Fi off and the screen going dark (Auto-Lock set to one minute)- 47 hours and 25 minutes are the battery life
  • Video playback with the screen brightness at maximum and with no Wi-Fi on- one hour and 41 minutes is the running period

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