5 Essential Apps for Roofing Contractors

There’s a reason “a roof over your head” is synonymous with a house. Without a roof, the most beautiful home is awfully for naught. Since it is the house’s front line against the elements, the roof shows its age faster than any other exterior part of the house. Thankfully, a little paint job here, a little shingling there are what often all it takes to inject a little curb appeal to the humble abode.


As long as people need shelter, roofing contractors would always be in demand. However, roofing contractors need to be as modern as their projects are old. These days, a coordinated collection of apps can expedite and streamline key functions of a trade that is probably as old as human civilization itself. For many roofing contractors, these mobile solutions spell a universe of difference between a botched project and one delivered on time and budget.

Are you a roofing contractor? Don’t get left behind and download the following apps:

    1. Pitch GaugeAvailable on both iOS and Android, Pitch Gauge has to be one of the most amazing things to happen to roofing. As contractors would tell you, roofing is a precise business. Before anything else, you have to calculate the dimensions of the roof to know exactly how many shingles, squares, etc. are needed for the project. One dimension is the pitch, which you normally calculate by climbing the roof. With Pitch Gauge, you don’t need to perform life-threatening actions; your phone camera will do the trick. Pitch Gauge can also work out your roof’s length and width, again sans the need for climbing.
    2. iRoofingiRoofing will simplify your life as a contractor. One impressive thing about this mobile solution is, like Pitch Guide, it negates the need to climb up the roof to compute its size. The app does this by harnessing the power of satellites. This is just the tip of the iceberg of this app’s array of features. With iRoofing, you gain access to info and images that help you select the best kinds of tiles, shingles, and other materials. Most impressively, iRoofing allows you to simulate the completed roof installation: a good way to make an impact on your clients. In addition, iRoofing tips you off to the best roofing suppliers, in the vicinity and beyond, from which you can order samples.
    3. Roofing Calculator PROSome projects are so intricate that they call for detailed cost estimates of materials and labour. Roofing Calculator PRO allows you to bypass the main office and fetch this info from the field to your tablet or phone. To compute the amount of shingles needed for the project, for example, simply key in the pitch, length, and width of the roof; its type and material; and the number of floors. Roof has chimneys or dormers? No sweat: The app can also calculate that. Roofing Calculator PRO currently retails for $19.99 on both Android and iOS, but as you would quickly see, this heavy-duty app is all worth it.
    4. AccuLynx
      This app caters to roofing experts. “A 100% web-based ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) construction management tool,” AccuLynx is a nifty tool for organising your leads, appointments, and jobs. Through its Comments section, this app serves as a great point for touching base with other contractors in your company.
    5. Roofing BidNothing goes to waste with Roofing Bid. This $0.99 app takes the cost estimating game to the next level. Not only does it give you an estimate of time and material and labour costs but lets you key in mark-up prices. You can then view your overhead costs and profit, and as a result, be on track to get decent dividends on your investment.

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